Health Plans and Wellbeing

Most people believe that wellbeing is synonymous with the health condition of the individual. However, it has been proven that wellbeing is determined by a number of interconnected dimensions that go beyond health. Therefore, it consists of the cumulative physical, social, emotional and psychological wellness of the individual or group. Positive wellbeing is also associated with a sense of satisfaction, personal fulfilment and accomplishments. A decline in any of the above can negatively impact the wellness of the individual in question. We take a look at why health and wellness are important and what a health plan is.

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The importance of health and well being

Health can be defined as the absence of physical and mental illnesses and conditions that undermine the quality of life led by a person. As the saying goes, you never know the true value of something until you lose it and this is especially true for health matters. Good health is an important ingredient in enhancing personal and collective happiness as it allows us to engage in various activities either for economical, social, spiritual or psychological benefits. 

Tips for staying healthy

There are different ways through which individuals can enhance their physical and mental health.

First, it is recommended to develop good eating habits from an early age. You are what you eat and therefore, eating healthy and nutritious food enhances general health.

Second, it is advisable to remain active or engage in physical exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Physical activity enhances proper digestion, improves sleep and burns in excess fats and nutrients from the body.

Third, you should engage in mentally challenging activities and avoid unnecessary stressors to enhance mental health. This could include sports and games that not only challenge your physical abilities but also your mental ability.

Fourth, you should ensure that you are appropriately clad for different activities in order to reduce the risk of injuries. This includes the use of different safety gear and equipment for activities that may be considered risky. Fifth, the company you keep has a direct effect on your mental wellness and therefore your health. As such, you should surround yourself with people who challenge you to be a better person and who radiate positive energy into your life. This way, your company uplifts you as opposed to stressing you out.

What is a health plan?

This is an insurance cover that takes care of the costs associated with private healthcare ranging from diagnostics to treatment. The insurance company pools together contributions made by individuals either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and then uses the money to pay out claims by different people or companies. The health plan usually covers conditions that develop after the cover has been taken. In most cases, the cost of treatment for pre-existing conditions is not covered.

Different insurance companies will have different plans for people in different stages of life. These plans can also be customised to meet the needs of an individual or group and therefore you should never shy away from requesting for information from as many companies as possible. Comparison ensures that you get the best services at the most affordable rates in the market.